Sunday, 2 March 2014

Don't Miss Out!

Just in case you missed it, I have moved to a new blog. Thank you to you lovely souls who have joined me there already and if you're still interested I am over here now - Hello Crafty!

This week at Hello Crafty I have been on a few crafty adventures including showing off my Handmade Beads and also I'm back with my Weekly Stills!

I hope to see you there :)

Sophie xo

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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

I FiNallY DiD IT!

Good morning to you lovely people! And it's a glorious one at that :)

Just a quick note to let you all know that I finally did it! All of my posts about change and heading into a new direction are not just babble from a confused little me. I have a new blog or space, if you like and as of this morning it's up and running with a post and all!

Head over to This is Sunny's and my new home hopefully forever and a day now.

I'm excited!

I hope you'll join us :)

Sophie xo

Sunday, 26 January 2014

A New Direction...

Lately I have been feeling a little disconnected from this space of mine. This tiny space of the blogosphere is well into it's second year and doesn't quite reflect who I am. Yes, I love craft. Yes, I love colour. Yes, I love to add all these things together and capture them in photographs that I so much enjoy taking but lately I haven't been feeling the drive to fill this space with posts empty with feeling but full of colourful pictures.

Let's face it. We grow and we change.

How boring would we all be or would our lives be if we stayed the same. I have been feeling an inevitable change coming on for some time now and have also noticed that many others have also been experiencing the same feelings and have done something about it! Well it's about time that I do something about it too...

I have been working on a little project on the side. One that will hopefully capture the very essence of what I love to do, what drives me. The name 'Modern Day Mummying' doesn't seem to fit what I would like to reflect to you all who visit me here. Yes I am a mum but that isn't all that I am. Somehow I had fallen into the trap of trying things on for size and truth be told... There is no 'one size fits all' way of doing things.

I thank you lovely people who still do pop by here on a regular basis to see what it is that Sunny and I have been up to and I want to apologise for not keeping up my end of the deal here and becoming rather boring.

Change is coming. I do hope that you will stick around long enough to see what it's all about 'cause I'm kinda excited about it...

I'll be back soon... Promise :)

Sunday, 5 January 2014

:: Stills - It's Almost Christmas!

It's the night before Christmas Eve. This Tuesday the 7th of January, along with others celebrating an Orthodox Christmas, we too will be attending a special church service which will be followed by a lunch fit for Kings, Queens, Princesses and Princes all around... All of those Kings, Queens, Princesses and Princes will then get their sticky little hands on gifts that Santa will leave under the tree!

Sunny has been waiting very patiently - "Mum! I've been waiting a long time now!"

Yes my lovely girl... I know!

This past week has been all about preparing for our big day! Cakes were baked, tomatoes pickled... Traditional recipes from my mama's very old recipe book were put to the test again only to produce the finest of baked cheesecakes and much, much more. Sunny and I have been busy putting the finishing touches on a few handmade gifts for family who will all come together to celebrate, eat, drink and laugh.

You may have noticed that this week I have very foolishly managed to delete every single photo from my blog. I feel like a twit. And the only way to fix my mistake is to start all over again and upload all of my pictures. It may take a while, so please excuse my 'Under Construction' look! It's not usually like this I promise!

I'll leave you now with a glimpse of our week full of making, baking and creating... It's what Sunny and I do best :)

1. Hand drawn Christmas cards by my gorgeous girl - Ain't that the cutest Santa you ever did see!
2. New linen pre-washed and ready to decorate bedrooms.
3. Sweet, sweet bread... Oh the smell as it bakes!
4. Special Christmas presents for family from Sunny.
5. Home grown tomatoes pickling away. It's simply not a Russian feast without these babies and cucumbers too!
6. My mama's recipe book! Hand written in Russian. It's so old and falling apart. She keeps it together with elastic bands and in a freezer bag! I should one day turn it into a book for her :)
7. Making wrapping paper.
8. I love our Christmas star! It sits on top of our tree every single year.
9. Handmade beaded necklaces. I'll show you more of these soon! I have discovered another crafty love :)
10. A special ballerina doll for a certain someones stocking...

I've just realised that these are the very first 'Stills' for 2014... Oh how time flies! Will you be joining in the fun this year?

The Beetle Shack

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Friday, 3 January 2014

OMG... All Gone!

Ummmmmm... I'm having one of those 'SHIT DID THAT JUST HAPPEN' moments?!


If you're scrolling through here many, many, many photos have been deleted from here!



Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2014 - One Word...

Good Morning 2014! Come on in, take a seat and get comfy because it sure is going to be a full one... I LOVE IT!

A New Year brings with it a clean slate. The opportunity to begin a new year with solid intentions - resolutions if you may. 365 days ahead to make a difference within ourselves, our lifestyles, the world! Last year I focused on making a Life List of things that I wanted to do. I didn't place a time limit as I wanted to be realistic... Life does happen in between resolutions, goals and lists. I did manage to tick a few things off and am promptly setting out this new year to keep ticking that list.

After visiting the lovely Bron and discovering her choice of resolution I too have decided to add to my Life List by choosing a word to live by this new year.

Great! I thought. Easy!

Until I started to think of what the year ahead has install... Sunny will start school. I have a course to complete and a day job that supports my crafty habits. I have a little on line shop in that is still in its development stages and thoughts of taking part in a handmade market. This may seem manageable but throw in family life and you year suddenly becomes full.

I was contemplating 'create'. I love doing nothing more than creating and would happily spend each and every single day among my crafty mess but a girls has got to be realistic. To juggle it all I need balance.


Something many of us struggle to keep. Balance between family life and work. Friendships and hobbies. Daily madness and relaxation.

This is the year that I support my little girl transition into the big wide world of school (frankly I'm scared shitless but I know that she'll be fine!). This is the year that I work my bottom off and continue chasing my dreams. This is the year I keep on creating and hopefully turn it into more than a hobby. This is the year that I step out of my comfort zone and embrace new challenges in the workplace and within myself. This is the year that conscious 'Balance' will come into action. Reaching a happy medium between things that must get done and things that I want and dream to do...

So with all that said, what one word will you choose to help you stay grounded and true to yourself this New Year?

Whatever it may be make it grand or keep it simple. 
Embrace new opportunities that rose with the sun this morning and run with it! 

Happy Days...

Happy New Year!

Linking in with Bron here.

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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

13 from 2013...

Hello dear friends. Before I start on any warp ups for the year that is so close to an end, I just want to say I hope you all had a wonderful, wonderful Christmas and are ready to tackle this blessed New Year with all your might!

Please excuse my long, long absence but sometimes life happens in between posts and some things need more attention than others. With that said, I have been haunting my favourite reads from a far and have been blown away by personal emails to see if all was alright in my end of the woods... Everything is great. Normal. Slowing down as things do over holidays.

Sunny and I are both preparing to celebrate Orthodox Christmas on the 7th of January. This week as many of you take your festive Christmas trees down, ours will be dusted off and decorated ready for Santa to visit our humble little home.

Inspired by this lovely lady, I too have compiled 13 of my favourite photographs and or posts to mark the end of not only another year but of an era. Next year will welcome many changes for Sunny and me. Sunny will be heading off on her journey of school and me... Well I'm hoping that a few tricks that are up my sleeve will pan out just fine :) From the bottom of my heart I thank you for taking the time out to visit Sunny and me here at Modern Day Mummying. I thank you for your kind words of wisdom, encouragement  and general interest and concern.

So without further adieu... 13 of my favourites for 2013...

In true holiday style, we hit the beach - Venus Bay...

Got up close and personal with a giraffe at Taronga Zoo!

Started to sell lovely little handmades for Handmade Lovelies at The Lone Hydrangea in Kooyong...

Created some wonderful keepsakes with Jodi's 52 Portrait Series...

Pottered in the garden and grew some vegetables...

We turned One and had a little party!

She turned FIVE!

I learnt how to knit...

And brushed up on my sewing...

And finished my first quilt!

We adopted a chick and named him Pom-Pom...

I know I said that this was 13 for 2013 but I couldn't help but add this last one...

I documented Sunny's and my Weekly Stills by linking in with the wonderful Em from The Beetle Shack and realised just how full of 'the good stuff' our weeks were...

So there you have it. 2013 it was an absolute pleasure and 2014 I eagerly await all of the surprises that you have hiding in your pockets for Sunny and I to discover!

Happy New Year to you lovely souls!

Sophie xo
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