Thursday, 20 June 2013

So How Many Quilts is Too Many?

It was about a year ago that I discovered a liking for hand crafted quilts. My sister Faye took me along to the Quilt Fair where I sold my soul for 1930's reproduction fabric. I discovered blogs such as this one, this one and this one and 'Ooooooh'ed' and 'Aaaaaaah'ed' over their amazing creations! I wanted to make a quilt too! Instead of choosing a simple patchwork quilt I chose to recreate this quilt. Completely hand crafted and utterly beautiful. I had chosen to work with Japanese Atsuko Matsuyama's 30's Collection - Candy like in colour and who can resist a polka dot?! I'll still be hand stitching these hexi's in my 60's... Sigh. Poor Sunny asks "Are you finished yet?" every time she sees me sitting at this quilt.

I continued to buy fabric. Lots of it! 4 extra large tubs to be exact! Disgraceful yes but I couldn't bare the thought of taking a sharp rotary cutter to them even if they would turn into works of loveliness! It has taken me an entire year to get over my fear of 'making mistakes' and now - today - I have 6 quilts in the works. I can say that I have stopped buying fabric and have started cutting up my stash!

Here's what I've been working on...

1. My hand pieced hexi quilt.
2. A block coloured quilt using Half Square Triangles (HST's) - I'm almost finished the quilt top!
3. My 'One Direction' quilt - I have the border to sew on and then I can show you what I've come up with using the Moda Domestic Bliss Charm Squares.
4. Sunny's quilt - I made this with Moda's Marmalade Layer Cakes. All that's left is to add backing and actually quilt it... I can smell the finish line.
5. A lap quilt using a kit - Nearly done now!
6. My first attempt at strip piecing - This quilt is the first one of the quilt challenge I've set myself. 

Six quilts in total. Here's hoping I'll actually finish one this winter! 
So the question stands - How many quilts is too many? Yes I can do the sensible things and give them as gifts but I am renowned for buying gifts for birthdays, weddings anything really and then keeping them for myself because they were just too gorgeous to give away! (I do then buy replacement gifts - I'm not the kind of girl to go empty handed!) I have a dream of buying something like this...

Image source
... So that I can fold the quilts I make and have them on display and on hand to use. How gorgeous would that look in a hallway! Full of quilts. It would make me want to grab one and head straight for my lounge.

Now it's your turn to make me feel better about my quilting obsession...

What do you have mountains of in your home? What are your obsessions? Are you the lady who lives in her shoes? Do you have special cabinets filled with ridiculous amounts of 'something'? 

Come on... Spill! I mean share... :) After all this is not a place for judgement...

P.S. If you're interested in some quilting eye candy then head over here.

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  1. You can never have too many quilts. I have them all over the house in lovely little piles. And of course I think there are at least 5 in the works including my hexi they are a forever project. It certainly is amazing how far you have come in a year

    1. Ah! A quilter's home! That's exactly what I'm aiming for Sonia! Piles of quilts about the house.

  2. I used to bury myself in papers lol. But I've sold off my paper collection and moved onto quilts!
    I have 1 lap quilt, 1 single bed set for Skippy and 1 queen bed set for my room.
    I'm crocheting 2 single bed quilts and attempting my first hexi quilt.
    I still have enough fabric to patchwork a quilt from flannelette... sorry I can't spell... I know my poor spelling would bug the teacher in you.

    1. Once upon a time I used to bury my space in shoes now it's fabric and quilts! I still love shoes but have nowhere to wear the lovely things but a quilt... Now that's forever!

  3. If they make you happy, there is never enough :) Each one is so beautiful and unique!

    I was crazy for making dresses for my daughter, and there was a point that I did have too many. So I started designing and sewing them to sell - a great little business for 4 years :)

    1. Thanks Laura :) They make me happy to no end! If I had it my way I would do this full time... Sigh.

  4. I just came across your sire after googling 'domestic bliss'. I sat next to you at Corrie's quilting day. How funny! I have lots of things on my to-do list but tend to try to finish one before I start the next. I have little piles of fabric that stare at me begging for the next project to start.

    1. What a small, small world! I remember you too! My sister and I were in awe at how quick you whipped those quilts up! To be honest, the quilt I made at Corrie's quilting day was the only one I have actually completed in its entirety! I know that's quite bad of me... I think I may have quilting A.D.D where I get distracted by more and more projects and before I know it there are 8 quilt tops sitting there begging to be complete!

      Thanks for stopping by Fiona!


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